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About Us

As we look back on our cooperative history, Triangle Communications is proud of the dedicated service we’ve provided to our members since 1953. Triangle has been part of the mobile industry since 1995 with towers in our service area and partnerships with our fellow cooperatives providing cellular service on the Montana Hi-Line. Triangle is now investing heavily in our own mobile network for the long haul. Triangle Mobile, a product of Triangle Communications, is expanding our telecommunications services to meet our subscribers’ needs well into the future. Triangle is working to bring our customers the best mobile service, in Montana’s beautiful wide open spaces.

What our customers say

Melanie Sloan

We switched to Triangle after seeing that there was service all the way up to the Canadian border. We love the coverage we now have with Triangle. Dead spots are fewer and fewer! And they have everything all the other competitors have. We would never go back.

Darrius Furman

Reliable service. I haven't had any issues yet and I've been with Triangle Mobile for over a year.

Tiffany DeBolt

Best network on the Hi-Line with the best customer service to go with it. Personalized attention and care.

Madge Waritz

Triangle Mobile is there when you need help.


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