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Kapperud Farms

Gildford, MT
Meet Tyler and Melissa Kapperud. Tyler is a fourth-generation farmer. He and Melissa love the small-town feel of Montana, the people, the scenery, and the opportunity to pass the tradition of farming to their children. Tyler and Melissa rely on a powerful cellular network to keep them connected, even when Tyler’s in the middle of a field 30 miles from home. Why? Because they’re true Montanans, and so are we, and so are you. 

Triple Dog Brewing Co.

Havre, MT
Meet Michael. He owns Triple Dog Brewing Company in Havre. He’s started home brewing ten years ago and now runs one of the best places in town. He continues the home brewing feel with a taproom that has a homey feel—he loves serving customers, hearing their stories, and getting to know them. “We decided to go with Triangle because we share the same values—locally-sourced, community-driven, and we thrive on customer service.” Michael relies on Triangle Mobile to help in his day-to-day activities: taking notes, documenting his brew logs, and formulating new recipes. Why? Because he’s a true Montanan, and so are we, and so are you.

Island Mountain Development Group

Hays, MT
Island Mountain Development Group provides economic opportunities for tribes and tribal members—everything from supporting new businesses, creating jobs, and resource development. Triangle Mobile is proud to partner with a company doing such important work. Why? Because they’re true Montanans, and so are we, and so are you.

Ashley and Jake Stewart

Malta, MT
Jake and Ashley Stuart live in Malta, Montana. They rely on Triangle Mobile to stay connected while farming on the Hi-Line, and when they travel throughout the U.S. Why? Because they’re true Montanans, and so are we, and so are you.

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