Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Policy

Triangle Communications and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are very concerned about protecting our subscribers' privacy and identity. The FCC enacted rules regarding Customer Proprietary Information (CPNI) effective December 7, 2007. These rules protect our subscribers. Triangle is not able to release any call detail or account information unless the security password is provided.

How does CPNI affect me? The CPNI rules affect subscribers calling in or visiting Triangle’s Havre office or one of our retail stores to inquire about subscribed features, average usage and long distance call information. Please be aware of the following when making inquiries on your account:

In person: You must provide a current, valid, government-issued photo identification or your CPNI Password before Triangle can disclose any information.

Via the phone: You must provide your CPNI Subscriber Password.

If members are unable to provide the password or ID, Triangle is forbidden from disclosing proprietary information.

What if I forget or lose my Subscriber Password? If subscribers are unable to provide the required password, Triangle can place a call to the phone number associated with the account or we can mail a letter to the address associated with the account to disclose the information.

Can I change my password? Subscribers can change their 5 to 13 digit CPNI Subscriber Password by calling Triangle’s office toll free at 611 from their home phone or completing the Authorized Account Representative (AAR) Form found at the bottom of this page. CPNI Subscriber Passwords must be 5 - 13 characters and not based on readily-available biographical information (telephone or social security number, mother's maiden name, address or date of birth). Triangle will notify account holders via U.S. mail, electronic mail or voice message when a CPNI Subscriber Password or Mailing Address is changed.

Can I authorize someone to have access to my account? To authorize another individual to have access to a member’s account, the AAR Form must be completed and mailed to Triangle at PO Box 1140, Havre, MT 59501. Once the form is received and the information is entered into our billing records, members’ Authorized Account Representatives will be allowed to inquire about and make changes to their account when they provide the required password or photo identification. This authorization does not change responsibility for your account or capital credits.

You can read the FCC's Guide to Protecting Your Telephone Calling Records here.

Authorized Account Representative (AAR) Form

CPNI and Marketing

We respect your privacy and observe the privacy rules established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Under federal law, you have the right to confidentiality of information regarding the telecommunications services to which you subscribe and Triangle Communications (Triangle) has the duty to protect that confidentiality. This confidential information includes such things as specific services you purchase, the number of services purchased, who your provider is for a service, call detail records and charges related to services purchased. This information is referred to as Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).

Triangle will never sell your account information or provide details of your telephone calls to other parties, unless required by law enforcement.  Triangle is authorized by the FCC to market, without approval, services to our subscribers within the categories of service that are provided to those subscribers.  Specifically, those services are local, long distance, mobile telephone service and Internet service.  Triangle provides long distance, Internet and mobile telephone services through its subsidiary, Triangle Communication System, Incorporated.  From time to time we may market additional features within the service categories already subscribed to from us or our affiliates.

CPNI is only used internally to enhance Triangle's ability to offer you services tailored to your individual needs.  For instance, Triangle may at some time pull a report from its billing system listing those customers who subscribe to Broadband Internet, Caller ID and Voice Mail so that a special mailing may be sent explaining the benefits of, or offering a promotion for bundled services. 

Federal regulations require that telecommunications subscribers be given the opportunity to decline to receive offers developed using CPNI.  Declining to receive these offers will not affect any of your current services.  If you decide to opt-out of having your CPNI accessed for special offers, please let us know by one of the following methods: Send an e-mail message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., fax a message to 406.394.2141, or mail a note to Triangle Communications, Attn: CPNI, PO Box 1140, Havre MT 59501. We will need your name, telephone number(s) signature (does not apply for e-mail) and the effective opt-out date.  This information will be kept on file and your CPNI will not be used for any special telecommunications offers unless you expressly revoke your opt-out notification by one of the same three methods listed above.

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