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Important Message Regarding Triangle Mobile & Verizon

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Kapperud Farms

Gildford, MT
Meet Tyler and Melissa Kapperud. Tyler is a fourth-generation farmer. He and Melissa love the small-town feel of Montana, the people, the scenery, and the opportunity to pass the tradition of farming to their children. Tyler and Melissa rely on a powerful cellular network to keep them connected, even when Tyler’s in the middle of a field 30 miles from home. Why? Because they’re true Montanans, and so are we, and so are you. 

What sets us apart

There’s no reason to be stuck with unreliable service, dropped calls, and data that slows you down. Triangle Mobile is a local provider that knows good coverage is most important closest to home. That’s why we provide the best coverage—hands down—on Montana's Hi-Line, building towers where the big guys won’t. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck when you travel: our national partnerships let us offer the same nationwide coverage you’ve come to expect. We offer the latest phones and local customer service from people who are true Montanans, just like you. 

Nationwide 4G

Whether you're traveling the Hi-Line or on vacation in New York City, you can depend on Triangle Mobile.

Paired with the best experience at home

We're building towers where the big guys won't. Enjoy more towers and coverage on the Hi-Line than any other carrier.

Thousands of happy customers can't be wrong.

Join Triangle Mobile today!

We serve Montana's Hi-Line from Chester to Malta, with retail locations in Havre and Malta. Enjoy local customer service and Nationwide 4G from Triangle.