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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my Account?

You can access your account via the My Account link or through the SmartHub® app.

Does Triangle offer paperless billing?

Yes. You can manage this setting in My Account or through the SmartHub® app.

Can I add features later if I don't choose them now?

Yes, you can contact our customer support team or visit your local Triangle Mobile store to make changes to your account at any time.

If I am eligible, can I upgrade my device online?

Unfortunately not, please visit your local Triangle Mobile store to upgrade your device.

How do I move my information from one device to another?

Feel free to visit your local Triangle Mobile store for details and assistance with transferring your information to a new device.

How do I switch to Triangle Mobile?

The process is simple and easy. Visit your local Triangle Mobile store today to switch!

Can I buy from Triangle if I don't live on the Hi-Line?

While we provide nationwide coverage, at this time we only serve customers from Liberty, Hill, Blaine and Phillips County. 

Can I use my device as a mobile hotspot?

It depends on the model of your phone but most 4G devices can be used as a mobile hotspot.

How do I make an equipment protection claim or inquire about an existing claim?

For any questions about equipment protection, please call (406) 394-8800.

Can I keep my number when I switch to Triangle?

If you have a (406) number then in most cases, yes! Please visit us to confirm.

What do I need to keep my same number?

A copy of your last bill from your current provider and your pin number with them.

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