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Important Message Regarding Triangle Mobile & Verizon

Triangle Mobile and Verizon have entered into an agreement that will allow Verizon to purchase the LTE in Rural America (LRA) assets from Triangle Mobile. Due to the substantial build-out that Triangle has completed, Verizon will acquire Triangle Mobiles current coverage area. This transaction is expected to close mid-year 2021.
This announcement does not affect any current Triangle Telephone Cooperative member’s landline or Internet service. Our members whose homes are served by fixed wireless Internet will also continue to receive their Internet service through our fixed wireless offering. This announcement only affects customers using our mobile cell service.
All customers who are affected by this sale will receive a letter in the mail with this announcement as well as additional communication as more information is available.
Please visit our website to keep up to date on the latest information available.
Craig Gates, CEO stated, “Triangle Communications is committed to continuing to invest in providing reliable phone and high-speed Internet to our 12,000 plus valued members across our 24,000 square mile service area. The sale of our LRA assets completes a project started by Triangle Mobile and has ensured that cellular service was brought to the Hi-Line. Now, Verizon can continue to provide that service to the Hi-Line and bring new and exciting services to the area. “

Frequently Asked Questions

What actions do I need to take now?

You do not need to take any actions now. Your current service will remain the same through the acquisition closing which is expected to close mid-year. You will receive additional communication in the coming months.

Am I being moved to Verizon as a customer?

No, you will NOT be moved to Verizon as a customer. Starting mid-year, you will have six months to migrate to any carrier of your choice.

Will this affect my landline or internet service provided by Triangle Communications?

This will not affect any landline, copper, fiber or fixed wireless internet provided by Triangle Communications. This change only affects mobile cell phones and hot spots purchased through Triangle Mobile.

Will my bill still come from Triangle Mobile?

Yes, until we close the migration period your bill will stay the same. Triangle Mobile will have six months to migrate every mobile line to another carrier of your choice during the six months. At the end of the six-month migration period, any remaining Triangle Mobile customers service will be terminated.

Who do I contact to make a change to my existing account?

Until the time that you switch providers, you will still contact our staff at 1-800-332-1201. Our friendly staff will continue to assist you. 

What does this mean for coverage?

If you switch to Verizon, your coverage area shouldn’t be affected.  We currently operate on the same network for our LTE.  Coverage areas may vary if you choose to switch to another provider. 

In effect, this means, that if the agreement closes as expected mid-year, Triangle Mobile will have six months to migrate the LRA assets to Verizon.   Verizon will be responsible for all of Triangle Mobiles LRA/CDMA equipment on the towers that provides Triangle’s existing mobile services.

Will my current cell phone work with another carrier?

Since Verizon and Triangle Mobile use the same technology platform, if you have purchased a new smart phone in the last couple of years, you may be able to retain your current mobile device.  Triangle Mobile is working with Verizon on a list of phones that should be able to be brought over to them.  The ability to take your current device to a new carrier will depend on requirements and restrictions set by your new carrier.  Customers will need to check with their new provider on ability to retain existing devices.

Will there be any promotions from Triangle Mobile to help me move to another carrier?

Promotions will be announced after the agreement closes mid-year.

Will I be contacted with Verizon promotions after the transaction closes?

Customers will receive information regarding the acquisition and the array of services that will be available from Verizon Wireless, including wireless data services delivered on the nation’s most awarded 4G high-speed wireless broadband network.

Can I move to Verizon or another carrier before the transaction closes?

Customers can switch to another provider before the transaction closes; however, any promotions that occur after the time you switch providers will not be available to you.

What companies offer mobile cell service in our area?

There are many mobile service providers in our area.  The pricing and coverage vary by company.  Triangle Mobile recommends you check out the different companies to see which plans and coverage areas meets your needs best.  Here are a few you can check out. 

Verizon – Prepay & Post-Pay Options
AT&T – Prepay & Post-Pay Options
T-Mobile – Prepay & Post-Pay Options
Spectrum Mobile – Prepay & Post-Pay Options
Straight Talk – Prepay Option
Tracfone – Prepay Option 

How can I stay up to date with announcements?

Check out our website at for the most up to date information.